Bluetooth’s New Version Arrives with Double Speed and Quadruple Range

December 9, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The next-gen batch of devices is gearing up to get smarter. Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has now revealed the latest evolved version of Bluetooth technology, called Bluetooth 5, with bettered capabilities over its predecessors like it was rumored before.

The latest Bluetooth technology will now be arriving with double the speeds over the current Bluetooth using the low-energy protocols. Doubling the speed has also let Bluetooth 5 to consume only half the power of what’s required now for the wireless communication technology.

Alongside, the new version also possess a range that four times better than the current one, which makes its placement convenient in the direction of inter-connected smart home technologies. The improved range also means that Bluetooth 5 will offer better wall penetration for its signals.


However, there is the absence of a salient feature; mesh networking. Bluetooth doesn’t yet support is mesh network connectivity that lets various signals and devices to work in connection to offer better Bluetooth connectivity between devices placed not so close.

SIG says that they are still working on the technology, and it would be implemented for Bluetooth via separate technology. Devices using the Bluetooth 4 and 5 should automatically get upgraded for mesh networking once it arrives in the market.

SIG hasn’t revealed when the new Bluetooth technology would actually hit the words. But assumingly, it shouldn’t take more than six months for Bluetooth 5 to make its debut in a consumer device. However, it will take longer for the consumers to enjoy its real benefit, as it’s not clear when all the device manufacturers would get upgraded to the new technology.

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