Spotify can Now Bond with Sonos to Offer Better Control over the Bluetooth Speakers

December 8, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sonos is one good Bluetooth device considering the streaming functionality. But its harsh control means makes its setting up a menacing task. But that now gets partly solved, as Sonos is now pairing up with Spotify to offer some better controls for the user over the Bluetooth speakers.

Spotify Connect, the feature that was available in beta version for the past couple of months is now available within the main Spotify app on mobiles and desktops. With this new update, all users will be able to stream music through Spotify to Sonos speakers, provided they are subscribed to the Spotify Premium pack.

Users can control music playing on their Sonos speakers through Spotify as long as both remain connected under the same Wi-Fi network. That makes it possible for the user to skip the usage of the default Sonos Controller app for music control, making it easier for them to pair and play music in their Sonos through phone or laptop devices.


At present, users can get a host of control through the Spotify app such as adjusting the speaker volume, skipping tracks, fast forwarding and rewinding them etc., Users will also be able to create the group of speakers in Sonos through the Spotify app.

Integration of Spotify is a major step from Sonos in getting its speakers integrated with third party services. They had initially let the integration possible with Google Play Music, and the current Spotify support will be followed by the support for Pandora.

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