You will finally be Able to Steer through Android Auto by using Voice Commands

December 7, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android Auto wasn’t something that was introduced weird, but it later on managed to become one. The reason was that apparently, there wasn’t a voice control available for controlling this infotainment system on your dashboards.

That should sound weird, given that the only mode of interaction with the system is the touch interface, which can get real dangerous when on a drive. It was more surprising that even the smartphone version of Android Auto, which let users stream their smartphone apps to the dashboard interface, was deprived of voice command control.

However, Google is finally fixing those by introducing the ‘OK Google’ activation of Android Auto, both to the in-car version as well as the smartphone app. Google has also confirmed the matter. However, it might not arrive imminently as Google says that works are still going on to make the service foolproof in terms of interaction.


With the new feature, users will be able to trigger the Android Auto services by speaking out the ‘OK Google’ command, and it can be used for all the app services like navigation, getting directions, changing soundtracks, opening apps, weather information, and other services.

Google has been recently vamping up its Android Auto services to make it on par with the rival services like Apple CarPlay. Their recent measures involved the introduction of a standalone version of Android Auto for smartphones which can be used sans an aftermarket dashboard display.

It also got limited with its functionality, like limiting the services that can pull the attention of the drivers off the road. With the voice command functionality inbound, Android Auto can be expected to get only smoother.

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