GoPro Karma Grip Resumes Market Ride; Now Available Off the Drone Bundle

December 5, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

GoPro Karma Grip, the battery powered handheld mount for providing image stabilization to the GoPro cams is now making the return to the markets. This time, it won’t be available bundled along with the Karma drone like it was available during its first stint. Instead, the Karma Grip will now go on sales as individual units.

GoPro’s promises of providing the individual versions of the stabilizer grips seemed fumbling with the quarter earning drops that was followed by the sudden recall of the Karma drones. The latter is yet to make the re-entry, but GoPro decision to cut short the waiting time for the standalone grip seems the wisest move they can make at this moment.

Priced at $299, GoPro Karma Grip is undeniably the best way to stabilize your video footage captured through GoPro cameras, offering stabilization that falls in line with the three-axis gimbal present in the Karma drone. The Karma Grip also has benefit of offering the stabilization features at any given resolution and frame rate. On the other hand, the inbuilt electronic image stabilization (EIS) of the Hero 5 Black demands the resolution to be set at a minimum of at least 2.7K with a frame rate not exceeding 60 fps.


Karma Grip offers two-mode integration with the Hero cameras to establish the connection with the camera by means of USB-C and micro-HDMI ports. This also lets the users to take a complete control of their camera through the buttons available in the handheld mount.

Once mounted, the camera will be placed pointing straight regardless of the position in which the mount is held. However, this can be changed by tapping a specific button that will lock the camera to its current position and angle.

Double tapping the button will lock the camera on to a subject for keeping it framed while following it. There are also buttons available for power and other functions like changing the shooting modes, adding highlight tags to the footage, starting and stopping the recording. The noticeable absence is the option for pan and tilt controls.

Karma Grip is directly compatible only with Hero 5 Black. As for Hero 4 Black and Silver users, an additional $30 will have to be spent to grab the additional harness. The one for Hero 5 Session will be arriving only by 2017.

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