Moto Z Eyeing to Up Appeal by Adding Project Tango Mod

December 2, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Moto Z hasn’t yet been able to capitalize on its Moto Mod USP despite having introduced one of the best modular experiences in smartphones till date. That’s partly due to the fact the company has failed to introduce any new module following the launch of its initial batch of four Moto Mods.

However, the Lenovo-owned company is now reportedly keen on expanding the modular list with an interesting addition; Project Tango. Google’s augmented reality based camera standard might soon make a presence on a new Moto Mod that will be introduced to revive Moto Z from its dull patch.



Project Tango, like you would have known by now, is the AR-based technology from Google that makes use of multiple camera to render spaces in real-time, thereby providing a channel of with them interaction along with augmented objects, if any, on your smartphones. Project Tango could be useful in many practical applications like measurement calculations, and also for other entertainment apps and games.

As of now Lenovo’s Phab 2 Pro is the only device that comes with Project Tango. Motorola’s adoption of its parent company’s feature could be more beneficial, considering that it comes in the form of a new module. Despite, Moto Z is a handy device when weighed on with Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, which measured massive dimensions.

Besides, it should also help in triggering the Tango functionality only when required. Currently, it’s only an opinion being considered by Motorola CEO, which means that the new mod won’t be arriving immediately.

But Motorola sure must expand its module family to have its ambitious device remembered in the smartphone world, and the addition of a Project Tango mod seems to be the perfect fit at this moment.

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