Amazon is Building on the Echo Success with a Premium Touch Screen Speaker

December 1, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amazon’s Echo family is getting a huge update. The speaker series that ignited the Alexa flame will soon be receiving a new addition that will be featured as the premium range Echo speaker from Amazon.

The new premium speaker from Amazon will introduce a new mode of interaction apart from the voice controlled interaction that was the sole mode of communication with the former Echo speakers. And that’s by introducing a touchscreen interface to the new premium speaker.

The touchscreen display won’t be a small one either. Amazon is planning to install a seven-inch sized screen to its new Echo speaker, and it should also possibly get rid of the cylindrical attire of the Echo speakers. The display is also said to be placed tilted upwards, so that it can be easily viewed and accessed when placed below the user.


Despite the introduction of touchscreen interface, Amazon won’t be getting rid of the voice control, which is a prime factor that has raised the popularity of Echo speakers among the mass. On the other hand, the display will be serving to improve the functionality of services like weather updates, news, and calendar updates.

Being a premium device, Amazon’s new Echo device will also feature high-grade speakers, and it should noticeably improve the audio output in comparison with the current Echo devices. The speaker is also expected to get introduced by the first quarter of 2017. The words come from people close to the matter, and Amazon is yet to give an official word on this.

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