Vivaldi is Now the World’s First Browser with In-Built Support for Controlling Philips Hue

November 28, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Philips Hue Control is quite a popular smart bulb, and that’s the reason why there are numerous modes available presently to take control of them. There are even plenty of web apps that help us do the task via browsers. Now, Vivaldi is offering an even better deal; a default control over Philips Hue bulb.

This in-built support for Philips Hue in Vivaldi will stay live as long as both are bridged under the same Wi-Fi router. What makes it more interesting is that Vivaldi’s control over the Philips Hue Bulbs is all set by itself. Colors of the bulb will automatically be changed according to the color motif of the site you are visiting when the connection between the two is open.

Unfortunately, that’s the downside too. Vivaldi doesn’t offer manual control over Philips Hue bulb, which means that you won’t be able to change the color according to your wish, but only according to the site you are browsing at that moment.


The feature is available in the new version 1.5 of Vivaldi, and it also comes with many other new features. The update has now introduced tab-stacking feature by default in the web browser, letting users array the tabs according to their wish. Tab stacks can now also be re-arranged by simply dragging them around like you do it for individual stacks.

Besides, Vivaldi 1.5 also adds a new Reader Mode icon within the address bar to let users switch easily to the reader mode. Screenshots of web pages will now be captured automatically whenever you make a note.

Vivaldi, the browser from Opera co-founder, is one of the very few modern browsers that puts power-packed performance over simplicity. The browser was launched earlier this year after months of beta testing.

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