Neato’s Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Now Gets Going with Voice Commands

November 26, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Robotic vacuum cleaners have made life simpler for many, letting users skip the menacing process of running around with the cleaners. Now, things are getting even easier, as Neato is stepping up to offer complete automated control for their vacuum cleaners.

Neato Botvac, the robotic vacuum cleaner with Wi-Fi integration, now gets a major overhaul that will get the vacuum cleaner paired with Amazon Alexa, one of the most preferred voice personal assistants we have right now.

With the new update, Neato’s Wi-Fi connected vacuum cleaners can establish the connection with Amazon Echo speakers. We don’t know if Neato is planning for an inbuilt integration of Alexa. As of now, Amazon Echo speaker is a must-have to enjoy the voice command control on Botvac.


Once paired, users can get rid of pressing the start/stop button of the device by replacing them with voice commands. A total of four voice commands are active for Botvac; stop, start, resume and pause.

The working of Botvac can be activated with the command “Alexa, ask Neato to start cleaning”, while the same can be commanded to make the robotic vacuum cleaner come to a standstill by using the stop command. The pause and resume commands can also be used in similar fashion to control the robotic vacuum cleaner over voice.

Obviously, Neato’s new addition is no big game-changer. Still, it can be useful for those Botvac owners who have got an Amazon Echo device in their houses. Botvac can work with both Echo, and also Echo Bot speakers. Besides, it’s also better to have more and more devices pumping up their integration with Alexa.

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