Dare to Snooze; Alarmshock Will Zap Your Nap

November 26, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

For all those who fail to wake up at the right time by falling into the temptation of hitting the snooze button, here is news! Alarmshock has launched a wearable wristwatch-like alarm clock that will make you spring out of bed! This alarm clock will literally jolt you out of the bed by electrifying you!

Here is how it works. You wear the Alarmshock wristband before you plunge into a deep sleep. When the time is up, it will gently remind you at first. But if you ignore it and continue to doze off, then it will start with a discreet vibration which turns to a loud beep which then further escalates into an electric shock if you are not out of the bed.

The electric shock will intensify over time. The only way to stop the sweet torture of Alarmshock gadget is to disable it via the docking station, which in turn requires you to get up from the bed!


“Alarmshock is not just a concept, it’s already a fully functioning prototype and we know it will go down in history as an innovative replacement for the original alarm clock,” say the developers of Alarmshock, who had launched it on Kickstarter.

Alarmshock wearable electric shock alarm clock is available on Kickstarter to back with earlybird pledges starting at £87.

Invite the Alarmshock into your life and you will see the tagline screaming at you: ‘Don’t Just Wake Up, Get Up!’

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