Google Pixel Borrows a Couple of Nifty Additions from Nexus Family

November 25, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Pixel smartphones are being touted as the best in Android, but that doesn’t mean it lacked nothing. In fact, Google failed to carry forward some of its own features from the Nexus device to the Pixel device. Thankfully, a couple of handy features among them are now getting promoted to the pixel family.

We are speaking about the screen wake features that were present in the Nexus 6P smartphone. Turning on these features let users woke up the lock-screen without unlocking through several means other than by just tapping the on/off button. Now, Google has finally decided to borrow a couple of screen-wake features from the Nexus class to get it induced onto the Pixel family.


The new screen wake feature can be activated by two means; by raising the smartphone or by double-tapping the screen.  These are handy features that were available in Nexus devices, and it was quite a surprise as of why it wasn’t featured in the Pixel devices at first place. Most of the Android devices now come with these options turned on by default. Even Apple has introduced the raise-to-wake feature to iPhones with the recent iOS update.

The new feature can be found under the Moves section in the settings page. Both ‘Double-tap to check phone’ and ‘lift to check’ feature are turned off by default in Pixel and Pixel XL.

The features are available only in Canada, but can be expected to get rolled out on a global scale soon. Users can also have an OTA update zip file downloaded to access the new features if outside Canada, which however can be tricky in some regions.

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