Netflix Finally Unlocks 4K Streaming on Windows 10 PCs

November 24, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

4K Streaming has been available to Netflix users for quite a time. But that never stayed true for PC users, as Netflix kept the feature abstained from Windows running devices, but only until now. The video stream service has finally announced that 4K streaming will be coming down for PC devices.

As of now, there are a few restrictions to access 4K streaming devices on PC devices, most of which are related with PC specs. Users are required to have a Windows 10 running device, and alongside, they are also required to have the latest generation of Intel processors on board, i.e. the seventh gen Intel Core processors.

Apart from that, users should also possess a 4K supported display, which pretty much limits the streaming to high-end devices. Currently, most of the 4K displays come embedded only on gaming laptops. Obviously, users would also require a high-speed broadband connection, and Netflix recommends a speed of 25Mbps for flawless UHD streaming.


If having the above specs checked, users can access 4K streaming by upgrading their account to the Premium subscription pack, which cost $12 for a month of contents with Ultra HD stream. Weirdly, users must also make sure that not all contents available are 4K, and that they don’t have all the subscriptions providing 4K contents only.

Netflix also recommends users to carry out the 4K stream through Edge browsers in their Windows 10 devices than on Chrome browsers. And that’s due to the better power consumption of Edge browsers, which can help stream one extra episode over streaming through Chrome according to the company.

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