Instagram’s Disappearing Stories Can Now be Shared Privately

November 24, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Instagram is not yet done with its ephemeral features. After having successfully launched Stories to take on Snapchat, Instagram is pushing the limits with its disappearing stories by handing out new features to its users.

The new feature getting rolled out in the photo hosting app now makes use of ephemerality as well as messaging feature, combining the both to let users share out the disappearing stories through private messages.

Photos and videos can be snapped using the stories cam, and it can be then sent to groups or users via messages, and not just be shared publicly through the stories feed. Stories will disappear once the end user views it, and Instagram will also provide notifications to users when a screenshot of the message has been taken, or when the message gets replayed. There is no time limit set on the videos and images sent through the new feature.


The messages sent via the new feature will appear directly under the messages section. Alongside, Instagram will also offer a ringed outline feature over contacts, similar to Stories, to let users distinguish between normal messages and the disappearing messages.

Apart from the new sharing feature, Instagram is also rolling out its live video feature that will let users access ephemeral streams. Videos streamed live will be deleted once the stream is over, and won’t be made available anywhere post the stream. The overhaul comes threaded with the live stream feature that was introduced recently by Instagram, and it will also replace the Go Insta button that was made available.

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