Useful Tips to Make Your MacBook Pro More User-Friendly

November 23, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The replacement of the physical function keys with a Touch Bar in MacBook Pro has made many minds confused over whether to go for an upgrade. But in truth, this shouldn’t be much confusing, as Apple has integrated the new touch strip to simultaneously work as the function key alongside loading a host of new functions.

Getting the knack of it can make working upon the new MacBook Pro quite easier, and a bit of fun too. Here, we take you through some such tips and tricks that can be employed to make the most out of the new Touch Bar. Alongside, there are also some tips that can be used to line your MacBook pro shortcuts along with Windows.


Function Keys for Apps of Your Choice

Replacement of the function key with the Touch Bar doesn’t mean that Apple has completely got ridden of it. The function buttons can be aligned on the Touch Bar by simply holding the Function key. But pressing it every single time can be a mess. That’s exactly why Apple has got an option to set non-disappearing function keys in your Touch Bar for specific apps.

To enable this, head to Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts, select Function Keys, and click the ‘+’ sign to add an app of your choice. When selected, it will be the function keys that will be displayed on the Touch Bar by default whenever the selected app is opened.

Simultaneous Control

One advantage of having an integrated Touch Bar is that you can operate both the Touch bar and the track pad together. Once you get the flow of it, it should be easier to perform an array of functions, like say moving a shape in Pixelmator alongside changing the border size or color.

Snapping your Touch bar

Taking a screenshot of your Touch Bar layout might not seem to be of any use, but still, it’s fun. The better part is that you needn’t input much effort to have a screenshot captured. To capture the screenshot, users might require macOS 10.12.2 Beta 3 or upper versions.

Users can have the screenshot of Touch Bar captured by hitting Shift+Command+6 (⇧⌘6). This will let users save the screenshot on to their desktop. In case you don’t want to have it saved, and only want them saved on your clipboard, just press the control button before you go for the screenshot move, i.e., Control+ Shift+ Command+ 6 (⌃⇧⌘6)

Emulating Windows functionality

This one doesn’t deal entirely with your Touch Bar. Instead, these are general tricks that can be employed to make your Apple hardware functioning a lot similar to Windows at the user end.  There are a pretty number of tweaks that can be done. One is to have the delete key function like a backspace, which can be done just by pressing the Function (Fn) key along with the delete button.

Another trick is with enabling the right click utility. Like you have noticed, MacBook Pro doesn’t feature left-click, right-click regions, which imply that all you get is the left click. But you can change that under Preferences > Trackpad. Besides, you can also have the right-click action triggered by holding the control key when you make a click in the track pad. There are also third-party apps available to introduce other Windows features like using the Return key to open a file, or using the ‘X’ button to close the app, and not letting it run in the background. You can check here for more.

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