GoPro Unveils Telemetric Addition for Footage Captured Through Hero 5

November 23, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s something quite common for a product to introduce a perky feature months after its debut in the market. GoPro is following that trend, and it’s introducing a quite useful functionality to its GoPro Hero 5 cameras; the ability to overlay data over the footage recorded through it.

This pretty feature comes in the form of an update for GoPro’s desktop editing app, called the Quik. Version 2.0 of Quik now lets users overlay GPS data like speed, altitude, distance covered, time and other data into their footage through some minor tweaks.

That said, the feature can be accessed only through Quik, and not through the mobile companion app of GoPro, which was seemingly getting popular among users with its recent upgrades. The current move to hold back the feature for its mobile app might upset some, but it can be something that be looked forward in the future.


As with the Quik, users can have the new telemetry options enabled by accessing the Gauges tool inside the settings wheel. Users are required to save their video as fresh ones to have the data overlaid. The data will be missing if you decide to directly shoot your videos to Facebook or YouTube through the app. Hope the company will be working to resolve this in the coming times.

The current feature is available only for the GPS-supported Hero 5 cam, and not for the Hero 5 Session which lacks the support for GPS.

The telemetry feature from GoPro will sound a catchy addition to the core outdoor shooters who are frequently involved with capturing footage while in motion.

However, like said before, getting the video moved through desktops can sound a little patchy when we have rival products offering similar data overlay in the absence of such effort-demanding process. We hop GoPro address this soon so that they can get the new feature popularized among the non-pro users of the action cam.

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