LG V30 Rumored to be Arriving with Massive Overhauls in Secondary Display

November 22, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

LG V10 revealed the innovation of the South Korean company that resulted in a secondary display, placed atop the main QHD display. It got carried forward with the recently revealed LG V20, replicating almost the same functions it served with the predecessor device. But LG is now planning to overhaul this.

The upcoming successor, LG V30, is now being tipped to inject some major overhauls to its secondary display that will impart novel functionalities to the top display. The matter was revealed by @evleaks, who initially teased the matter with a tweet that hinted that the company would be bidding adieu to the ticker.

This was followed by assumptions that LG will be ditching its secondary display. However, Evan Blass later clarified that the ticker never stood for display.  Apparently, it was never implication that LG is ditching the second screen like it was reported by many who caught up with the tweet.


Instead, it now seems more likely that LG V30 will be retaining the secondary screen, alongside bringing some major revamps to it. LG V20 and V10, both which had the secondary display, used its top-placed displays to list shortcuts and other quick functions like enabling flashlight and opening other apps in a tap.

It now needs to be seen whether LG will be upgrading the functionality alongside retaining the current ones. It would be interesting to see what LG brings. As of now, the secondary display of LG V20 still lags behind when compared with the curved screen functionality of Samsung flagships. We will have to wait to see if LG can come on top of its rivals with its V30 device, the introduction of which is still a long way off however.

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