Vinci is World’s First True Smart Headphone Powered by Amazon Alexa

November 21, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Amazon Echo revolution is finally giving life to what we have all once dreamed; a personal assistant in the form of headphones. Vinci, claimed to be the world’s first smart 3D headphones, is now up in crowd-funding campaign to take Amazon Echo a step ahead in its journey.

Giving life to personal assistance via Amazon Echo, Vinci can take form of almost anything, like being a fitness tracker, a headphone, a personal assistant, message narrator, and all of those without making a connection with your smartphone. Yes, that’s what makes the device a standalone smart headphone.

Vinci comes with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity. At the moment, Vinci is not powered with music streaming capabilities from your phone, and you will have to get it done by means of 3.5mm jack. But that shouldn’t be a drawback, as the headphone itself comes with 16GB storage space. Besides, it also integrates with streaming app all by itself to get rid of any sort of integration with your smartphone.


To assist the Alexa prowess, Vinci comes with a touchscreen display on the rear side. It might seem a dubious move, to have a touchscreen that would never pragmatically face the user. But it’s still worth to control the operations; double-tapping the screen while in operation will activate Alexa to discern to your commands and queries. The only downfall is the visualizer mode shown in the display that gets triggered when music is being played, which serves no use except for draining the battery.

The current v1.0 version of Vinci offers only around two hours of battery life. But the manufacturers are promising an upgraded version by March next year, which will offer battery back-up and additional features like noise cancelling, wireless charging and better sounds quality. The headset is being also worked upon to include automatic suggestion of users’ favorite tracks during playback, and other real-world suggestions that are linked with your day-to-day activities.

The Kickstarter campaign has already crossed triple the pledged goal, and Vinci is listed for a retail price of $200. The pricing will go up by $100 as they step on to the next upgraded version of Vinci Smart 3D Headphones.


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