Barnes & Noble Returns to Tablet Domain with $50 Nook Tablet 7”

November 21, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Barnes & Noble had quite a successful run when they were solely focusing on e-ink readers. It often gave a toe-to-toe fight with the market leader, Amazon. However, their inclination towards LCD tablets have pushed them a step backward in the race. But it seems like they are not giving up on it.

With just under a week left for Black Friday, Barnes & Noble has now announced their new tablet offering, which is the Nook Tablet 7”. However, this one do appears to be a bitterly packed device from Barnes & Noble, especially with its price tag that can take on those from Amazon.

Nook Tablet 7” comes priced at $50, and for that price tag, it definitely offers something to look forward to. With a 7-inch screen, the Nook Tablet features a display resolution of 1024×600 pixels with IPS technology. That’s not dull when you consider that you get a pixel resolution of 171 ppi for a $50 tablet focused on reading.



Apart from that, Nook offers storage of 8GB for loading all your stuffs in the Android Marshmallow-running tablet. The storage can be expanded. A 2MP camera makes the rear-side of the device, while the front side is loaded with a 5MP camera that comes with auto-focus. On the connectivity front, Nook will support dual-band Wi-Fi, micro USB port, and headphone connectivity via its 3.5mm jack.

Packed inside the OS are features that can be helpful in offering a complete reading experience to the users like Nook reading app, Play Store support, and other Nook additions. Nook Tablet will be arriving on November 25, and can be pre-ordered now from the company website.

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