Google PhotoScan App to Digitize Your Old Photo Prints

November 19, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The team behind Google Photos has just introduced a new app to digitally preserve your old photo prints. Called PhotoScan, the new app from Google aids to scan your old and precious photos, and store them digitally in your physical or cloud drives.

PhotoScan is not the sole app that currently offers this function. In fact, there are many apps that let you save photos in scanned formats. But Google’s shot draws the line with one powerful factor; the ease with which Google lets its users scan multiple photos.

One thing about Google is that they have been straight to the point with all their recent apps. Google Duo and Allo have provided an interface that lets users directly jump to what they have come for. Similarly, there isn’t any complex interface in the PhotoScan app that demands you to dig more with the app before you start using it.


PhotoScan directly takes you to the in-app camera which comes with a round button at the bottom. Clicking that will pop-up four new augmented on-screen which users have to align with the dot on the center. The mechanism used by the app isn’t well perceivable, except four that it makes use of four snaps to bring out the final image.

Google stresses that the app is aimed at scanning old photo prints, and we don’t think anyone would try this app just to scan a single photo. That’s exactly why the simplicity of the app matters. However, the speed does come at the cost of quality.

PhotoScan effectively turns your images into digital images at good qualities, but don’t expect those images to have the quality of a regular flatbed scanner. It might even fail to replicate the standards of your smartphone’s megapixel counts.

But still, it’s good at what it does, and PhotoScan definitely seems like a handy app to get things going with the flow. Google has also provided the option for users to get their photos saved to Google Drive, where photos can be arranged on the basis of facial recognition. The app has been made available for iOS and Android devices.

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