Apple Working on Digital Glasses with AR Prowess

November 19, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Augmented Reality is still a blooming field relatively. But many companies have already set its eyes on this lucrative domain. And now, Apple has got its name registered as one among them.

The word now is that the Cupertino Company has set its eye for an expansion on to augmented reality, and its initial venture will be something similar to what Google have previously experimented with. The company is reportedly working on a digital glass that will be incorporated with augmented reality capabilities.

By picture, Apple’s glasses stays close to Google Glasses, working on a modus operandi that will have data collected through the glass and synced with the iPhone devices. The augmented reality data processed will be then overlaid onto the glass screen, either through a projector or by some other means. That means it’s never as complicated like the other ambitious AR headsets the rivals are working upon at present.


Apple’s new AR glasses won’t be coming out before 2018 to the least, and this should give some breathing space for the company to experiment more; something which Google failed to materialize with Google Glasses. The longer dateline also raises the possibility of the project being scrapped, given that Apple is already nourishing its interest in the automobile field.

But previous words from Apple CEO Tim Cook had already exposed the interests of the company in working with AR. Tim Cook is also someone who believes more in the potential of AR than that of virtual reality.

However, recent reports have suggested that Apple is still continuing the hiring process of AR as well as VR experts, which could suggest that Apple might just blend some VR technologies in its due course.

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