Facebook Revving up Public Chatrooms via Messenger App

November 17, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Not everyone might be aware about Rooms, a semi-anonymous chat project from Facebook that got scrapped before it went live. Apparently, it now seems that Facebook has taken notes from its previous experiments, as the company is now reviving its plans for providing a semi-anonymous chat interface; except for that it won’t be in the standalone form this time.

The company is now testing a new public chat service called Rooms, and it’s been tested in the Messenger app. Alongside keeping the name intact, Facebook has also decided to retain some of the notable features that will be joined by some new features.

Rooms will be a public anonymous chatroom service, where people can enter specific chatrooms based on dedicated topics. There is no restriction on the topics, and it can take any form as the topics won’t be Facebook-generated.


Users can start their own chatrooms based on specific topics, and they can invite other users by sharing the group. The chatrooms will also carry other normal settings like offering administrator roles to users so that the entry can be allowed only after getting approved. Users will also be able to join other rooms by simply searching for the respective topic.

Despite the failure of the previous attempt, Rooms seems to be put in the right timeframe and format now, considering the division of opinions with the public posts that are made on the social media platform currently.


Facebook is currently testing the feature on Android platform in some devices across Canada and Australia, the latter place where Facebook has also recently tested the ‘My Day’ feature initially. The initial hints for the resurrection of Rooms was spotted earlier in September when coding of the new feature was found hidden within the app.

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