Chrome Not Backing In-Built Ad-Blocking; Plans to Better Ads Instead

November 17, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ad-blocking services have garnered good demand among many net surfers in the recent years, that it has started arriving as in-built features in most of the browsers we have today. But that’s not the case with Google Chrome, as the world’s most preferred browser seems to be in no mood to shower lover over ad-blockers.

Darin Fisher, Vice President of Chrome Engineering has clarified the views of the company with this regard while speaking to CNET, explaining that Chrome will not be roping in-built ad-blocking services like the rest. Instead, the company is eyeing to better ads, but for the better of the consumers.

Google is backing a project with which they are trying to fix ads that causes sluggish load times instead of having them removed from the websites. Mr. Fisher has asserted that the ecosystem could be improved if publishers and advertisers incorporate ads the right way.


Google remains one of the initiators of the Coalition for Better Ads, a group that intents to work upon the current ad algorithm in an effort to lift the curses showered by users over slow-loading ads. The move is currently backed by others like Facebook, The Washington Post etc.

Despite having their views cleared, Chrome has still been working on curbing down the issues caused by ad with many services. Besides, the company also disables the running of document.write– a program that scrutinizes the ad performance in turn causing pages to load slower – by itself when detecting slow networks.

Google’s incorporation of an in-built ad-blocker also never seemed like being longed by the users. But it was the recent trend that sparked the possibility of an ad-blocker inclusion. Opera was one major browser that adopted the move to include in-built ad-blocking services. There are also browsers that are rolling out today with ad-blocking services turned on by default.

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