WhatsApp is Finally Offering Added Security via Two-Factor Authentication

November 16, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

WhatsApp is one of the very few apps that have crossed the one billion mark in terms of active users. Despite its popularity, it still remained a concerned that the app hadn’t offered an extra layer of security when it comes to authentication.

Thankfully, WhatsApp is up with an improved security for authentication, which should wipe out the concerns of many for now. The messenger service is now testing a new two-factor authentication to initiate WhatsApp usage when switching in from another device.

The option was spotted in the latest beta version of WhatsApp, in which the Two-Step verification option can be found under the settings. Once user turns it on, WhatsApp will ask for a six digit user code that can be saved. Users will be required to enter this code from thereon when entering WhatsApp to the coupled phone number from any other device.


The option also demands an email id to be entered by the user, and this can be later used to reset the six-digit code if forgetting it. Usage of user-generated code might feel irritating for some, but that’s a better move considering that WhatsApp accounts are linked with phone numbers and not email ids.

Apart from that, the new beta version also sports the ability to play audio messages in the background. Users could listen to audio messages even if they decide to switch between apps. Audio messages will continue to play in the background even if exiting WhatsApp. The playback will stop only when the audio finishes, or when the screen goes off.

Whatsapp authentication

We will have to wait to see if WhatsApp will go ahead with this feature, as background audio playback support was something which the app has tried even before in its beta version. Apart from that, there was also support for video stream instead of downloads, which appears to have been pulled off from the beta as of now.

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