Sphericam 3: Beast Certainly, But Not an Enchanting Beauty

November 16, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sphericam has announced its third cam, a pro-grade 360-degree VR camera, the Beast. Beast, as its name suggests has all features that make a 360-degree camera a beast.

The new device comes with 6K resolution, 10-bit RAW, four one inch image sensors with each sensor offering a 4K resolution, four 190 degree fisheye lenses and four M.2 SSD drives with a 2.8 GBs bit rate.

The combination of the hardware enables the camera to record 5,780 X 2890 footage in a 10-bit Raw format (30fps only for stitched content).


Beast is specifically designed for studios and content creators who need pro-grade VR hardware. Apart from its ability to record ultra-high-resolution 360-degree videos, Beast can live stream content to the headsets or the web which means it will be highly sought after by the broadcasters and filmmakers.

The company has been hesitant to reveal the cost of the gadget. But one can be sure that the camera will come with a sticker price more than the Sphericam 2’s launch price of $2,499.

The features of the Sphericam 3 ‘Beast’ offer justice to its name, the design and looks of the cam. However, it looks like the makers of the Beast have a low sense of beauty because the camera lacks the definite style of a professional camera. It resembles more of an external hard drive than a camera.

Sphericam is a New York-based company which was officially founded in 2014 after successfully launching its first VR camera on Kickstarter in 2012.

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