Google Overhauls Gmail to Offer Better & Faster Experience in iOS

November 15, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s default Gmail app is not everyone’s choice when it comes to personal email app in iPhones. But the company is now introducing some upgrades to the app so that users get the fastest experience of Gmail in their iOS devices till date.

The app majorly comes with a few fixes with its design that gives users an easy and fresh experience with the interface. With the update, Google has finally got a Gmail app for iOS that looks far refreshed than just handing over a mere mobile browser experience of checking the mails.

The upgrade also hands over additional features for nourishing the browsing experience like letting users delete or archive messages with just a swipe over the mails. Another major addition is the introduction of Undo feature in the app, which has been present in the Android version for a while.


The feature will let users perform an undo action to their sent mails so that they can have their errors or typos kept hidden. The option will arrive from the bottom immediately after a mail gets sent. Apart from this, Google has also refined the search results with what they call ‘instant search results’, providing users with all the search data much quicker than before.

Google has also introduced an update for the Calendar app on iOS, which now comes with new features like support of landscape mode for month views and weeks, spotlight search support, and introduction of alternate calendars that brings in Lunar, Islamic and Hindu calendars.

You can check the updated apps by heading to the respective app pages in the App Store.

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