Boom Supersonic Commercial Jets to Take Wing

November 14, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The only obstacle in front of humans in their quest to travelling faster than sound is a shockwave called sonic boom. Caused when an object reaches the speed of sound, it lets out a very loud, disturbing, thundering noise. It can even crack glass and split plaster. Hence, supersonic flights were banned from flying over land.

Concorde was the first and last supersonic jet in the history of mankind, which took its last flight in 2003. Concorde indeed implemented the best technology available in the 50s and 60s, yet the company was not able to help their flights from doom.

The aeroplane might have probably run on coal and it was burning so much fuel because it was a supersonic flight. In addition to this major drawback, the aeroplane also produced intolerably loud voice and was quite expensive for even the elite class.


However, the groundbreaking news in America now is that an aeronautic company christened ‘Boom’ has come up with an intention to resurrect the supersonic passenger jets – this time more efficient in fuel and performance. On November 15, Boom will introduce a design which will have notable resemblances with Concorde.

Boom CEO Blake Scholl ensures that Boom supersonic jets will cruise the skies with a speed 2.2 times the speed of sound! Earlier Concorde used to fly only 2 times faster than the sound. So what Boom offers is probably a big deal. Scholl promises that the new supersonics jet’s ticket charges will be very much affordable to the common class of the passengers.

Boom has plans to launch a 45-seater supersonic jet. Currently, the company is engaged in the development of XP1, a supersonic demonstrator. This is what the company will officially reveal on November 15.

For the much enhanced supersonic flight experience, we will have to wait for not less than a decade.

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