There’s an App to Replicate MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar for Other Mac Devices

November 9, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The recently launched MacBook Pro flaunted one peculiar addition; the touch-responsive Touch Bar that replaced the physical function buttons. This was one flagship addition in the upgraded MacBook Pro, but that doesn’t mean it’s an exclusive feature.

A new app called Touch Bar Demo is now up to hand other Mac users the taste of using a Touch Bar.  But like you can expect, it’s just an app, and hence doesn’t offer a complete experience of enjoying Touch Bar. However, it’s still the best and handy option available for those who desire to replicate the feature in their Mac devices.

Touch Bar Demo will deliver its work in two methods, of which one is simpler, and that’s to have a non-physical Touch Bar replicated on your Mac device display, just on top of the macOS interface. The lack of touch support means that users will have to depend on the physical function key to trigger the Touch Bar replica and scroll through the options.


That might demand some extra labor, but it’s still worth it, as it offers the exact functions on the screen like you would have got with the real Touch Bar, including the variation of display in accordance to the app that’s been run.

The second method is a more convenient one, giving you the option of enjoying the touch-responsive interface as well. This would however require and iPad connected to your Mac device so that it can be turned into a Touch Pad. The benefit here is that users can enjoy the Touch Bar functions with the same touch features as in the MacBook Pro Touch Bar. For those having an iPad to spare for your function, this should sound more attractive.

The app is available for download via Github. So make sure you go through detailed instructions on how to install it before you transform your iPad into a Touch Bar.

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