Microsoft Wants to Glamorize Your Selfies with its New Android App

November 9, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft is launching a new app for the Android ecosystem, and it’s called Microsoft Selfie. Thankfully, there will be no deception with its name this time from Microsoft; the app hits directly for the selfie lovers.

Microsoft follows the suit of all the selfie apps out there for Android, handing users to stylish their selfies with custom filters and effects. But the claim is that it offers the best edited version of your selfies when weighed up with the rival products; something which can be ascertained only after prolonged use with the app.

As it looks, Microsoft Selfie is a cool option to garnish your selfies with intelligent effects, which makes use of many factors of the self-portrait like age, gender, skin tone, lighting etc. A single push of the button will have the app tweak with these factors to get your selfies edited with final touchups.


The internal algorithm of the app takes care of many factors like exposure, color balance, etc., and also does well in doing the finer tweaks like removing blemishes. There are also options to change the color theme of the selfie images taken via the in-app camera.

Microsoft Selfie is now available for download in PlayStore for free. Although a new app to the Android ecosystem, Microsoft Selfie isn’t a totally new-born app if considering the remaining smartphone platforms. The app has been there for the iOS devices since December last year. The iOS version is quite a good app to rely upon, and we believe Microsoft won’t be altering that train when stepping on to Android.

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