Facebook to Complete ‘Snapchat-Mimic’ Trilogy with WhatsApp

November 7, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you’ve thought Facebook is done with their Snapchat mimicking, you are wrong. The company is now apparently testing a similar feature on WhatsApp to express its true love for the ephemerality brought in by Snapchat.

According to the latest reports, WhatsApp, the most popular messenger platform in smartphones after Facebook Messenger, is now testing out a new feature that will have ephemeral feature attached with it. Called Status, the new feature will let users post photos that will get disappeared after 24 hours.


Users can also have videos clung in their Status uploads, and similar to Snapchat, it can also be retrofitted with captions and doodles. Filter and emoji addition also sounds like a possible feature that could be present later on, if coming out in the public version.  Videos and images from the gallery can also be used to share a new Status, which can simply be triggered by clicking a new button – a circle with a ‘+’- within the Status tab.

The current testing has been spotted by the sharp-eyed ones in the latest beta version of WhatsApp on both Android and iOS. Like the name suggest, Status from WhatsApp will be a distinct feature, and won’t be coupled with the message windows. There will be a separate tab for users to post their Status, and it will be placed in between the Calls and Chats tabs in WhatsApp.


There is no official word on when and whether the feature will be coming out for the public version. Going by the recent history of parent company Facebook, the launch could be imminent. Facebook has initially tried to take on Snapchat with the Stories feature in Instagram, and it was followed by the reports that a Snapchat-alike feature is being cooked for the parent platform.

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