LastPass Opens Up Free Password Sync across Devices

November 5, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The idea of trying out a password manager doesn’t always sound safe to users. There are obvious security threats; but at least, the providers are trying to overcome those by introducing quite alluring features, and LastPass is just doing exactly the same.

After having been open to hacking previous year, LastPass is now aiming to erase the blot off the users’ mind by introducing free password sync features across multiple devices. The company is now removing the price tag over its feature that let users sync password between multiple devices.

LastPass, one of the leading password managing services, have been offering services like maintaining multiple passwords for multiple sites, and subsequently providing the channel for the users to access all those via cloud.


The free password sync from LastPass is definitely a great move, considering that almost all the users would love to have their passwords made available by their password managers, without having to pay a penny extra for it. Until now, the services were made available only for the subscribers, and they were forced to pay $1 per month to access this features.

LastPass will still have its premium subscription running, but that won’t be any more for the password sync feature.  Instead, it will be offering other premium services that include family password sharing, desktop fingerprint identification, additional authentication features and customer support.

The premium subscription also lets users to enjoy the ad-free version of the app, whereas users will only get the ad-filled LastPass version if opting to skip the payment and use it for free.

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