Twitter Direct Message Now Gets Support for Chatbots

November 3, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Twitter is going through some major overhauls in terms of projecting the social media platform into newer heights. As a result, the company is launching a new feature to ease business and brand interactions carried out through the Direct Message feature within the platform.

Twitter has now revealed the support for chatbot-like services that will be coming inside the Direct Message feature to enhance user interactions with brands and businesses. The company has now launched a few quick tools that would serve as the chatbot within messages like automated welcome messages for customers when interacting with brands, and quick replies to let customers pick an option from the given choices.

The default welcome message can be set by any company that has got an account on Twitter, provided that they use the latest version of the mobile app. Multiple welcome messages can also be set, and Twitter has also handed out the option of adding links for specific greetings and access to website and apps.


This is for the first time that Twitter is providing an authentic mean to offer automated welcome chats. Previously, users were forced to create similar messages by means of third-party services. With the new introduction, users can be relieved from the fear of clicking any spammed message.

Twitter is hoping that the service would be favored equally by the companies and customers. Twitter accounts of Evernote and Pizza Hut has already roped in the feature, and it would be good to see further companies getting involved to let ease the direct message conversations of users in Twitter.

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