LG G6 to Feature Combined Iris Scan Technology with the Front Cam

November 2, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

LG’s upcoming flagship G6 has been already in the news for it ditching the modular concept. But not everything is getting ditched with the flagship; there are some cool additions too. And one among them is the introduction of an iris scanner.

As we all know, iris scanning is the next stage of secure authentication in smartphones which the smartphone industry is trying to vamp up for their smartphones. Samsung featured the technology in their ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 device for letting users perform secure authentications via iris scanning.

With LG following the suit, we all expect the functioning to be the same. However, the one from LG will come with different hardware functioning than the Note 7, which also seems to be beneficial as a whole.


LG’s G6 is reportedly said to be featuring a single compact sensor that will combine the front camera and iris scan to lessen the space that will be taken up by the duo.

This ‘all’-in-one’ camera that will be featured in the device will be a first among smartphones, and will be helping the South Korean manufacturers in reducing the size taken by the combination from 0.4 sq. cm to 0.36 sq. cm. That’s more than enough to make the device slimmer than it would have been with the conventional technology.

Besides, LG G6 will also be making use of the Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology to facilitate the payment technologies. Apart from that, a dual-camera setup for the rear also appears to have been confirmed for the LG flagship device.

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