Chrome for Android Soon to Receive a Much Needed Design Overhaul

November 2, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Chrome for Android will soon have a new design overhaul, and it makes me wonder why Google took so long to have this rejig put in place. It’s just a minor revamp in terms of design, but the impact it will have on the users will certainly be big

With the new reforms, Chrome will have its search bar/address bar pushed right to the bottom from the top. You heard it right; no more will a user have to stretch his fingers out just to type in on the address bar.

It’s also not just the address bar that’s being shifted to a new place; Google Chrome is also having the new tab button and menu button pushed along to the bottom. The current revamp has been included in the Canary version of Android, which is a pre-beta, untested version of Chrome that has been made available for users a few days back.


That said, it’s never a certainty that the feature will be making its way through to the final stable version of Chrome. But going by the looks of it, a push to the menu options seems imminent, as it should naturally serve to the one-handed users.

With all the smartphones bearing sizes of above 5-inch screen-size in the present age, it makes only little sense having the buttons pushed to the top corners in a browser which is the most preferred on the Android ecosystem.

The Canary version features the revamp only in its pre-alpha form, and there should definitely be still lot of works to be done before an assertion is made with the experimentation. But we hope all will go fine, so that we can finally relieve the stress from our fingers while using Chrome.

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