Vine Co-Founders Come up with Hype, a Live Video Stream App

November 1, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The announcement of Vine’s demise was not well met with the internet fans. There were plenty of reasons, with the most prominent one being that it was the app that introduced many to video sharing; a feature which the modern world is heavily addicted to.

But not all the news that babbled Vine this week turns to be upsetting, as co-founders of Vine are now having a dig at Twitter, who decided to pull the plugs off Vine. And that’s with the introduction of Hype, a new app that will focus on live streaming.

That definitely doesn’t sound like a replacement for Vine, but apparently, it’s a certain take on Twitter’s own live video feed service, the Periscope. Hype will get introduced into that particular domain which is currently dominated by services like Periscope, Facebook Live, etc. along with plenty of other apps in surplus.

video app

The move is definitely a bold one, considering that Meerkat, a former popular name, is nowhere to be seen now following the influx of current major players. But Hype is making sure that it arrives with some tricks up their sleeve to keep the competition lively.

The term ‘Live’ in Hype points to live stream, and not essentially live and raw footages captured through the camera. Hype’s live video means users can bring more contents than just live camera videos, letting users blend previously recorded and edited footages along with their live video. That’s one flagship feature that’s definitely worth looking forward to, given that it manages to pull out an impressive user base in the coming days.

Hype, which debuted on Product Hunt on Thursday, has now been made available to the public following the short-termed invite-only method of joining the app. It’s available now for download on the App Store, and it will soon find its entry to the Play Store as well.

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