Twitter Vine App Video Services Being Taken Down; Uploaded Videos to Stay

October 31, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Vine video services, the former favorite of fans for instant short videos, is facing the axe upon nearing the completion of four years of service since its introduction in January 2013. The short video sharing platform will no longer have the app version accompanied, ending the support for creation and upload of Vine videos.

Twitter is not taking down the complete support for Vine videos, and it means that users can still access Vine videos from the website; videos which have already been uploaded. However, it will no longer have new videos added to its database, nor will it allow users to create videos through the app.

Twitter hasn’t mentioned a specific date for the pull down, and has assured that users will get notified once it decides to pull the wires. As of now, the website will be kept alive, but that’s not a certainty when moving on to the future, as the service doesn’t anymore seem to be aligned with Twitter’s new interests.


Twitter, which has been going through a rough patch, has been shuffling its priority, putting live news platform on its helm. With such ambitions, Vine holds little significance in vamping up the new network.

Vine, which was introduced in 2012, was acquired by Twitter even before it went live. The app was an instant hit, and was the major source of video supply across social media platforms. However, this was forced to change with the introduction of rival services like Instagram and Snapchat, forcing Twitter to divert its attention into more investments like Periscope.

Twitter says that it will be taking down the app in ‘coming months’. So it’s your turn to shoot up all the short-videos in the limited span.

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