Microsoft Unleashes Sheer Power with its New Surface Book i7

October 29, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There were quite some concerns over whether Microsoft would have its Surface department forgotten in the midst of its Windows 10 endeavors. But thankfully, Microsoft hasn’t made those worries turn true, as the company has come forward with what we can call the most powerful Surface Book device.

The new Surface Book i7 is the flagship device from Microsoft under its Surface ecosystem that comes loaded fully with sheer power. Like been suggested by its name, the new device features i7 computing in its heart, but delivers twice the GPU performance than what you get in the current high-end device, which is the Macbook 13.

With an Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M GPU onboard, Microsoft assures that its combo with the 2GB GDDR5 Memory will be putting a performance that would be definitely over what one can expect. Besides, the company has also added some extra juice to the device, with an assurance that the Surface Book i7 could run up to 16 hours on a single charge.


Along with the mighty hardware is the 3.5-inch PixelSense display that packs 3000×2000 pixels beneath the screen.  Some of the other specifications of the two-in-one are a full-sized SD card reader and dual USB 3.0 slots, Mini display port, and a headset jack.

The power-packed performance does come with a hefty price tag however. The Surface Book i7 is priced at $2,399, and it will get shipped by November 10th. Alongside, Microsoft has also unveiled its new Surface Studio PC, which is aimed at professionals working in various departments like arts, architecture, writing, etc.

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