Google Updates Allo with Quick Reply and App Shortcuts

October 29, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s Allo was introduced after much anticipation. But all those got grudged with the app appearing in a beta-akin format upon its release. However, Google did assure of continuous update to nurture the Allo experience, and here they are with the first major update for Google Allo ever since its release.

Allo v2.0 doesn’t overhaul the app in full, but at least efforts have been made by Google to improve the experience with the initial version. One snag with Allo was with its notification, which barely let users respond through the notification bar. With v2.0, Allo is sorting it out by enabling quick reply feature for users through which messages can be responded through the notification bar.


The feature is only available for Android N operating system. Users having Allo in Android Nougat OS can also enjoy the benefit of split-screen support with the app so that you needn’t have to switch in between your conversations to peek in to other apps.

The update also adds support for Direct Share feature in Allo with which conversations can be sent directly to contacts in the Share Sheet. But this would be a random-pick, so don’t expect Allo to pop up the exact contact you want, which can be irritating if the right match is not found. Allo also supports App Shortcuts with which users can tap into a new conversation directly using the app icons.


Other features included in the update are support for GIF keyboard, incognito key alerts, splash screen and Android wear support. The aforesaid features might still not push the app to the top, but at least the effort is not bad considering that it’s the first major update for the app that was released last month. It should get more fortified with if Google can keep the promise of constant update in the coming days.

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