Microsoft’s New Speech Recognition System is as Good as That of Humans

October 20, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Every time we hear about the advancement in neural network, we do ponder about the closeness of the network with that of a human. At present, it does seem a faraway matter, but at least we have the industry giants pushing the limits in this regard.

The latest advancement comes from Microsoft, who has now revealed their advanced speech recognition system, which for the first time has achieved accuracy close to, or better to that of a human translator.

According to a research published on Monday, Microsoft’s new software has only picked up a word error rate of 5.9 percent, which was close to what humans achieved when asked to translate the same conversation. This follows their previous best that was recorded last month and had a word error rate of 6.3 percent.


Despite the team achieving results what can be called as human parity, Microsoft still admits that the machine translator is still not perfect by any means, but neither is a human translator 100% error-free, and the achievement is certainly a big win for Microsoft in terms of its neural network development. As of now, the system is powered enough to pick up the relationship between words using its language processing engine.

Microsoft hasn’t announced when its new system will arrive for the consumers. It might still require a few touch-ups, but they can definitely flag-off their development works integrated with Cortana. No matter when it comes out, we are pretty sure that the software could pull Cortana to the top once it gets the bond intact.

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