Xiaomi Working on Flexible Display; Could Debut in Mi Note 2

October 19, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have a new competitor in the flexible display space. Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is now following the likes of its counterparts like Samsung, LG, and Lenovo in bringing out what prospected as the future in smartphone displays: flexible displays.

Following the leak of a couple of images of the new flexible display from Xiaomi, a new video has now emerged which all but confirms the bona fides of the previously revealed images. According to the newly emerged video, Xiaomi’s display is a fully flexible one that can retain its original flat shape like the rest of the concept displays from the rivals.


The video, which appeared in Youku, shows the flexible display in a single bent state, but it’s apparent from the set of images that it will be coming out in the flat form with the capability to bend to user’s choice. Besides, Xiaomi’s flexible display could also possess the ability to get bent in the sideways direction apart from being flexible upwards and downwards. No further details are available yet, as Xiaomi is still to confirm the product.

The video also shows the usage of multiple apps including games, Xiaom’s QuickBall feature, and browser etc., all which indicates the compatibility of all the apps for the new display hardware. Despite the official confirmation, the word is that Xiaomi could introduce its flexible display with the Mi Note 2, which pretty much sounds as the apt device for the launch of a flagship feature. This would also put Xiaomi ahead of the rest in terms of flexible display.

Samsung and LG have already been spending years for the new display technology, but a completely flexible device from the South Korean vendors is not yet available for consumers. Lenovo also put their name in recently with the revelation of a flexible display ahead of the IFA. It was believed that the company would reveal more during the event at Berlin, but it didn’t shape up either. Besides the aforesaid name, Chinese manufacturer Oppo is also said to be working upon flexible display technology.

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