Qualcomm Details Its New Range of Gigabit LTE/5G Modems

October 19, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

 We already know that works on 5G have been going on at steady pace across the world. It’s now just a matter of time before we embrace the new-gen communication technology. But that hasn’t stopped the industry leaders from rolling out the compatible gears for Gigabit LTE, and the 5G technology once it comes out.

Up with its first ever Gigabit LTE modem is industry leader Qualcomm, who has now revealed its new Gigabit LTE modem called the X16. The technology will be first put to use by the year end in Australia, with a network tie-up from Telstra that will have also have Ericson as the equipment partner.

With the new Gigabit LTE modem, Qualcomm expects to up the broadband speed by 1 Gigabyte per second, which could practically produce a speed of up to 400-500 Mbps. That indeed trails behind the 1gbps claim, but it’s still way ahead of the speed the modern world has been depending upon.


The X16, a Cat-16 modem, uses 4x20MHz carrier aggregation and 256-QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) on the downlink and 64-QAM on the uplink. The initial test has delivered speeds of up to over 300Mbps, with optimal signals delivering speeds as high as over 500Mbps.

The Telstra introduction will be followed by its device incorporation through Netgear. Qualcomm also says that the X16 modem will be making its way onto its new flagship chipset, which will be revealed by 2017. The un-named chipset will come as the successor to the recently launched Snapdragon 821 SoC.

Alongside, Qualcomm has also revealed the works for its 5G modem, called the X50, which will be able to handle blazing speeds of up to 5 Gbps on the downlink, following the same power consumption of current modems. The X50 will be sampled by the second half of 2017, and will come loaded in modems by the following year.

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