BMW 5-Series Sedan All Set to Charm the Road

October 17, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Auto behemoth BMW has revealed their newest edition sedan in the 5-Series. This 7th generation 5-Series incarnates by borrowing some of its design cues from none other than its big brothers, 7-Series sedans.

Defined as a business sedan by BMW, the car offers cutting edge technology. These super sensitive cars which enable drivers change lanes or stay on the same one at speeds of up to 210 km/h are designed to make the driving experience a semi-autonomous one.

With its inbuilt intelligence, the car detects whenever there is a possibility of collision and takes necessary precautions. The smartphone will be connected automatically and can be charged wirelessly. With its key features like checking for traffic at junctions and crossroads, autonomously respecting the speed limit, ParkNow system and remote parking system, the new vehicle is set be an emotional obsession for all you car freaks out there.


Much of the new connectivity tech on the board is about cutting stress and saving time,  which is why ParkNow system that finds and pays for parking spaces in advance and the remote parking system which will direct the car to fit into the tightest of the spaces at the push of a button are included on the board.

BMW has also included a voice control system that can understand and respond to the natural language of drivers. This also means that this is a car which likes to communicate with its driver frequently – like a buddy!

The new avatar of 5-Series is all geared up to launch in two versions; with a 2-litre four cylinder engine and a 3-litre six-cylinder in-line motor.  The 2-litre engine produces 252hp with a 0-100kph of 6.2 seconds while the larger 3-litre engine produces 340hp which will propel the car from 0-100kph in 4.8 seconds. Both these engines are faster and more powerful than existing engines and are more fuel efficient.

The new BMW 5-Series will hit the road in February 2017. The motorsport version ‘M5’, built from subsequent generations of the 5-Series, will launch this time also along with the business version.

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