Google Allo Interface Strikes Similarity with that of WhatsApp

August 23, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s been a while since we heard about Allo, Google’s audacious messaging app. Since its announcement in May this year, Google has been keeping silence on its new overhauled messenger app platform. But thanks to some early screenshot preview of the interface and sticker pack that Allo is now making some noise again.

Accordingly, Allo will be flaunting a bright interface that comes with a blue-white theme. We are not sure if this will be the default theme, but it definitely captures the eyes with its first look. The bubbled round cornered chat interface however does bring to notice one interesting thing, and it’s that Allo holds a striking similarity with one of the most popular smartphone messenger out there, WhatsApp.

Except for the theme, Allo’s chat interface looks like a replication of what we are familiar to. The screenshot here offers an insight of the quick voice message feature, a feature for which Allo is touted about. This however looks like being adopted from WhatsApp.



Users can send quick voice messages by tapping and holding the microphone button to the right of the input box. More interestingly, an ongoing recording can be discarded by simply swiping the button to the right. Apart from that, the chat boxes also bear tick marks for representing sent and received messages with single and double tick marks respectively. Like you can expect by now, it also likely will feature the clock mark that represents unsent messages in WhatsApp.

There’s still no confirmation on whether this will be the final look of Google Allo. Things could change, as this is just the screenshot of a test preview version. Google could really shuffle things up before the final release. Even if it doesn’t, Google would barely get pitted upon the receiving end of criticisms. Most of the modern day apps are just trying to replicate what’s been in the top used platforms, stuffed along with some inbuilt catchy features. Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp, have also followed a similar path more recently with Instagram.

Google could well adopt such a measure after it being said that their experiments in the smartphone messenger services haven’t brought them big fortunes. Also, the interface does bring a fresh look despite the adopted features, bringing in a more modern look than that of WhatsApp.

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