Apple, Samsung, Google and Rest Join Forces to Battle Robocalls

August 22, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A call from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s commissioner is now joining the tech majors to fight against automated calls. Tech leaders like Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft has now joined hands with the US Government to bring down robocalls that are labelled scourge by the regulators under FCC ‘Industry-Led Robocall Strike Force’.

The first meeting of the strike force will be held this Friday in Washington D.C, and it will be attended by the aforesaid tech vendors along with carrier providers and other tech companies that include AT&T, Verizon, Blackberry, Nokia, T-Mobile, LG, Charter Communications, British Telecommunications, Frontier Communications, and US Cellular. The entire list of 32 companies hasn’t been revealed yet.

Accordingly, new Caller ID verification standards that will be capable of blocking communication from the reported numbers. Pre-recorded, automated calls and also messages will be filtered under this.


The coalition will be providing a detailed report to the FCC before October 19. This will be including detailed plans and measures to facilitate the adoption of new tools and technologies to fight robocalls.

As per the current regulations, FCC has not made it mandatory for smartphone manufacturers or cellular providers to block or filter such unwanted calls. However, it still encourages for the provision of such measures.

At present, companies offer blocking only those numbers that are tagged as unwanted or spam by a user. A user will have to judge if the call is unwanted for them, and only little help is offered by cellular providers or smartphone technologies in blocking such spam calls automatically without being entered in the blacklist.

The call for improving carrier-level blocking services was made by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler during this July.

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