Kobo Aura One E-Reader Gets Updated with a Bigger Screen

August 19, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Kobo is going great with its Aura One e-reader. The company has revealed its new line-up of updates for Aura One e-reader, which would make Aura One the biggest e-reader from the company.

With a display size of 7.8-inch, the updated Aura One e-reader comes much bigger than the 6.8-inch Aura HD e-reader, which was Kobo’s premium e-reader back during its launch in March, 2013. Yet, the device has managed to retain the $230 price point of the HD e-reader.

Along with the updated size comes a better build-quality and other features like improved IPX8 water-resistance. With a thickness of 6.9mm, the new Aura one weighs around 230 grams, which is certainly a good tweak considering the size improvement.


Featuring a pixel density of 300ppi, the 7.8-inch display used in the Kobo Aura One also supports with blue-light reduction, making it the first e-reader to adopt the feature that helps in reducing eye strain when reading at nights. Users can also manually adjust the colour temperature of the display. Inside, the Kobo Aura One packs a 1GHz processor and 512MB RAM.

Kobo Aura One e-reader will be available for purchase from September 6, and is priced at $229. Alongside, Kobo has also announced the updated edition of the Kobo Aura e-reader that will arrive the same day. The Aura Edition 2 will feature 6-inch display with 212 ppi pixel density, 4GB inbuilt storage, and Wi-Fi connectivity among the list of improvements. The device will come out with a price-tag of $119. Pre-orders for both the devices will commence on August 30.

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