Instagram Stories Feature Receives Its First Update

August 18, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s only been a fortnight since Instagram launched its Stories feature to take on Snapchat. But it seems like people are having fun with this new feature. As a result, the Facebook owned company is now rolling out its first ever update for the Stories feature: a zoom-in feature within video capture.

This one can be said yet-another Snapchat-akin feature, as Instagram is letting users control one-hand zooming with just finger-slide above the shutter button while recording. Drag your fingers up and this will have the video zoomed, while dragging your fingers downed will have the zoom restored in your videos.

This is pretty similar to the one-hand zoom option in Snapchat. The latter had a similar option introduced with its recent update that was rolled out during May this year.


The replication doesn’t stop here either.  There is also another new option introduced in Stories that lets users flip the cameras between front and back during recording, which is also an adoption from the popular ephemeral chat service. This can be done by simply double-tapping the screen.

Putting together all of these, Instagram Stories feature have now turned out to be exact replica of Snapchat services. The introduction of Stories feature was itself an effort to recreate the Snapchat effect within the Facebook family, and now, it has just got even close. Facebook has previously made a failed bid to capture Snapchat, back during the time when it just started hitting the popularity meter.

Some of the users have already started yelling at the similarity of Instagram features with Snapchat. We just need to wait to see if there could be an overhaul with Stories that would add never-before features in the new addition, or at least those that we cannot find in Snapchat.

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