China’s Elevated Straddling Bus Hits the Road

August 4, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

By now, your eyes would have grabbed the scenes of a conceptual straddling bus floating in your social media account. The idea of that elevated bus got birth in China, and was introduced as a partial solution to bring down the heavy traffic in roads.

The idea was so innovative that it grabbed all the attention, but just like any other concept, we thought this one to be harvesting some big time before it materializes. But China has proven us wrong, as within even months, their elevated straddling bus has now hit the streets for the dummy run.

The 2m-high Transit elevated Bus (TEB) made its initial run in Hebei province this week, on a 300m-long controlled track in the north-eastern city of Qinhuangdao. Straddling the cars below, TEB made its trial run on rails laid along ordinary roads, materializing the same concept that was projected back during its announcement.


With electricity and solar as its source of power, the TEB can travel at speeds of up to 60kmph, and can also carry up to 300 passengers. The body of the bus measures 72ft (21m) in length long and 25ft in width, and straddles at 2m height above the road.

According to the firm that materialized the concept, a single TEB could replace around 40 conventional buses, and up to four such TEBs can be coupled together to expand the network. TEB can also be effectively used to function the same way as subway, explains the company which also claimed that the cost of construction for the elevated bus is less than one fifth of the subway.


It hasn’t been revealed of when the company will have the final run launched for the elevated bus. It’s also not clear to which all cities the TEB will get expansion. Sources say that countries like Brazil, France, India and Indonesia have also expressed interest in setting up elevated bus.

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