Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Public Debut Scheduled for August 2nd

July 13, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We will no longer have to deal with the heaps of leaks and rumours surrounding Samsung’s next Galaxy Note offering. The South Korean manufacturer has officially announced the date for unveiling of its next major Galaxy smartphone; the Galaxy Note 7.

According to the announcement made by Samsung, the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone will be unveiled at an event that will take place on August 2nd in New York City.

The company hasn’t specified any details of the device, and neither has it included the name of its upcoming smartphone. But the stylus silhouette inscribed in the event invitation is more than enough to figure out what we can expect in the event.


Galaxy Note 7, which will succeed the Note 5 device from Samsung, has been long rumoured in the internet, and there were also certain leaks that revealed the exterior looks of the device. It is expected that the device would pack iris scanner in the front panel, which hinted for a major breakthrough in the front face of the device by omitting the Samsung label.

However, a leak from Evan Bliss has later affirmed that Galaxy Note 7 will have the Samsung logo imprinted on its front.

The Galaxy Note7 will also feature round curved edges for the first time in Note series.

Samsung has earlier revealed that the device will be called Note 7 instead of Note 6, which should have been the name given had it followed a sequential naming. The name change is being followed to make its flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy Note bear the same number series.

The year also gives high hopes for Samsung, as it has nearly been confirmed that there won’t be any major breakthroughs in the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 device, the biggest rivals of Samsung.

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