Gear Up for Smart Jackets from Google

May 23, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Fashion is no more about style, it’s all about technology. Watches have given way to smart watches, eye wear devices to smart glasses, bracelets to smartbands, and so on.

The latest out there in this category is now jacket, for which we are witnessing the collaboration of two giants from their respective fields; Levis and Google.

Google IO conference this year has brought out so many novel concepts and devices, and the new Project Jacquard is just another one from that basket. And like many of the announcements, this one is no stranger to the mass either.


The tie-up between Levis and Google for a tech-powered jacket was revealed last year during Google IO conference, and within a year, they have come up with what they have dreamt during that time.

Project Jacquard is another offing from ATAP, Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group, whose history covers multiple projects like Project Tango, Project Abacus, and the more recent Ara modular smartphone.

The technology used in the jacket is a touch-sensitive fabric, which can respond to the touches and gestures made over the jacket by the wearer. Just like all the other wearables, these smart jackets can perform actions like handling a call, changing music volumes and tracks, fetching navigational directions, reading out text messages, and so on.

Alongside, it has also got support for various apps like Google Maps, Google Play, Spotify, and Strava.

All these can be controlled by just swiping your fingers over the dedicated area, which is around the cuffs of the jacket.

The demo from Google during the conference looked heavily impressive, and Google assures that it won’t take much longer for the consumers to have a piece of their own. Beta tests for Project Jacquard is scheduled for fall this year, and it will be followed by its official market entry during spring next year.

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