Swappable Tyres that Can Turn Your Normal Bike Electric

May 7, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Not much bothering would now have to be there if you decide to get your bike upgraded to an electric one. Thanks to a new project that’s been crowdfunded that you can now transform your own existing bikes into electric ones.

The requirement here is not that heavy at all. The only thing you have to do is to trade-in your existing tyres for a new battery powered tyre. GeoOrbital is the company that has made this easy mode of electric conversion a reality.

After having been working for nearly two years, a finished version of the new GeoWheel batteries is now up and running on Kickstarter. It seems like there are so many people waiting to welcome this electric swappable tyres, as the funding has already crossed double the target.


The highlight of the GeoOrbital wheel is its easy replacement technique that lets the users swap the old tyres with new ones in just a matter of seconds. There are no spokes in this electric wheel, and instead it houses a triangular array of three inner rotating wheels that keeps the tyre rolling.

Only one among the inner wheel is actually powered by the 36V battery that’s used. The other two are placed suitably for increasing overall stability, says the company. A 500W motor is what makes the wheel to roll, and this is enough to get your bikes clock speeds of up to 20miles per hour.

It also takes up some juice when you pedal by yourself, or make it coast through downhills and when braking. Overall, the battery wheels can cover up to 50miles if being pedalled along. Even left to work alone, it can run for nearly 20 miles on a single charge that last 4 hours.

The GeoOrbital wheels are available in two size variants; 26-inch and 28-inch. The overall range and charging duration are lesser for the former. The only let off is the weight, which is of 20 pounds and can considerably increase the overall bike weight.

Early backers are currently grabbing the GeoOrbital wheels through Kickstarter for $500. The company says that the retail price will go up to $900 when it launches officially. But that’s not a huge price tag either when compared with the cost of purchasing electric bikes. Shipping is expected to begin in under six months’ time.

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