Google Keyboard Gets New Features, Including One-Handed Typing Feature

May 7, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Version 5.0 of Google Keyboard, the stock keyboard in Android devices, is now available on Play Store. Thankfully, the update has addressed some of the major cravings of Android users raised over the past times.

Of all the new additions, the key input from Google is the new one-handed mode that contracts the keys to one side of the screen when activated.

The option can be toggled on from within the settings, but there’s a quicker way to access this mode, and that’s by long-pressing the ‘,’ key.


When turned on, keys will get narrowed and will be pushed to one corner of the device so that every can be accessed easily by means of one hand. The empty space gets filled up by two buttons, which provides the option of switching the direction of the arrangement, or to exit the one-handed mode.

Another feature is the addition of a cursor control. Users can now slide the space key to control the cursor and jump them from key to key. You can also drag your finger to the left over the backspace key to get a complete word deleted.

The update also adds a new emo bar, which features six commonly used emojis lined up on top of the number and symbols section. The emojis set here are pre-fixed, and cannot be customized by the users.

Height of the keyboard also can now be changed from within the settings. A miss in the update is the support for Holo themes that were present in the previous versions. The material layout is still available.

The update is being made available gradually on PlayStore. Those who doesn’t wish to wait can grab the new keyboard from APKMirror.

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