Here’s How to Get Material Design on YouTube Web

May 4, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We all love material design. But the thing is, there aren’t enough providers who have taken the concept out of the smartphone OS ecosystem and pushed it into the web. Even Google has been on a lull when it comes to some of its major websites’ material design concept.

However, it’s starting to change as the company is now testing its material design on YouTube through web. Being under the test phase means that it will be available only for a closed group. But with some tweaks carried out in your browser, Google is letting everybody have a trial with the new material design.

A few things have to be checked before you start tweaking; Chrome browser is inevitable for material design application, and users must also make sure that they are not signed in.


Once you have these checked, head to the YouTube website and open the control panel by hitting ctrl + shift + i. From there click on the resources tab, and head to the YouTube domain under the Cookies option. Delete the VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE cookie from the list, and switch to the console tab and type the following


Hit enter, reload your page, and there you go; material design right for YouTube right through your browser.

The layout still remains the same, but users can still feel the differences in the new interfaces that looks more neat, and modern. Search bar, Hamburger menu, profile page, etc. gets major changes, and the icons also brings a fresh feel to the website.

Users will miss out on the material design once you decide to sign in, but you can always get it back by signing out. Just wait for the test phase to be over if you are longing to feel the materialistic design with your accounts signed in.

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